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Kingkey 100

This is the highest building in Shenzhen. Splendid views from the 96th floor glass windows from ceiling to floor and 360 deg view of Shenzhen.

OCT East Shenzhen

OCT East has been called the “Universal Studios of China” and offers rides, golf, magic shows, luxury hotels, restaurants, spas, and—believe it or not—a scenic Swiss village.

Lychee Park

Also known as the Central Park. This gorgeous green space provides both respite from the noise of the city and a picture-perfect view of Shenzhen’s skyscrapers in the distance.

Happy Valley of Shenzhen

Happy Valley is the largest amusement park in Shenzhen. They have roller coasters, a massive water park and a variety of live performances. Try to go on weekdays to avoid long queues for rides.

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