China is Going to Start Fingerprinting Foreign Visitors Entering a Country

China is set to start collecting a fingerprints of millions of foreigners who revisit a nation commencement during a Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport in Guangdong Province on Friday.

After a hearing theatre in Shenzhen, a city in southern China that borders Hong Kong, a new complement will be introduced opposite a nation by a finish of 2017, China’s Ministry of Public Security said.

Travelers aged between 14 and 70 will be compulsory to leave their fingerprints before being available to enter China, according to Shanghaiist.

Those outward of that age range, as good as people with tactful passports and visas, will be free from a procedure.

Storing biological marker information of people entering and withdrawal borders is an critical limit control measure, and many countries have started to exercise a regulation,” a method pronounced in a statement.

It combined that a limit control management would urge potency after a new complement takes effect, so that it doesn’t means delays.

Other countries that have already implemented biometric screening for foreigners embody a United States, Britain, France, Japan, South Korea and Australia.

Fingerprinting visiting foreigners during a limit is mostly used as a approach to opposite terrorism.

Following a Sep 11, 2001 apprehension attacks, a U.S. began collecting electronic fingerprints from unfamiliar nationals in 2004, according to a South China Morning Post.

In 2005, it was compulsory that all 10 fingerprints be submitted instead of usually dual when foreigners request for U.S. visas during consulates.

The U.S. gathers information usually from travelers aged between 14 and 79, and also exempts people regulating tactful and central visas or with medical emergencies.