Guangdong to Transport 136 Million During CNY Travel Rush

Looking to leave city for Chinese New Year? You aren’t alone. According to a statistic published currently by GRT Radio, Guangdong is approaching to ride an estimated 136 million people during a Spring Festival transport rush, differently famous as chunyun

According to GRT Radio, a statistic was expelled by a province’s ‘chunyun bureau.’

For some perspective, 136 million people is double a series of UK inhabitants and somewhat some-more than a populations of both Mexico and Japan (127.5 million and 127 million, respectively), according to World Bank stats.

Chunyun is a world’s largest annual tellurian emigration and this year’s transport rush is projected to run from Feb 1 until Mar 12. 

Last year during chunyun, over 100,000 vacationers stood outward a Guangzhou Railway Station in Yuexiu District after their trains were behind (and it didn’t demeanour like a good time, to be brutally honest).

If a thought of roving with over 100 million other holidayers hasn’t deterred we from attack a highway or rail, we suggest scooping your tickets quick. Chinese New Year 2018 sight tickets are on sale now, click here for some-more info. 

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