How to Get to and from a Airport from Shenzhen

There are dual airports that use Shenzhen, with a Hong International Airport some-more renouned with general travelers (read: cheaper flights, fewer delays).

Shenzhen also has a possess airfield located in Bao’an District, with a flourishing series of domestic and general flights.

This beam will assistance we get to and from a airports that use Shenzhen.

Bao’an International Airport

If you’ve done a mistake of engagement an general moody by a Bao’an Shenzhen International Airport, this handy-dandy beam will get we there and behind in one piece. No promises once we take off, nonetheless – after a approaching few hours of delays.


For those with an undiscerning fear of Shenzhen’s float system, a city’s network of airfield shuttles are a approach to go. Be heedful though, English signage is singular and English speakers few and distant between outward a city center.

All convey buses leave during unchanging intervals and can move we both to and from a airport.

Location: from Bao’an International Airport’s convey area to citywide locations
Duration: 45 mins to 1 hour
Price: RMB2-30

Bus 330B  
To Longgang City Terminal (龙岗城市客运站): 7am–2am
From Longgang City Terminal: 5am–9pm
Duration: 50 minutes 

Bus 330C  
To Shenzhen North Railway Station (深圳北站): 7am–2am
From Shenzhen North Railway Station: 8am–8pm
Duration: 50 minutes 

Line 2
To Shenzhen Railway Station (深圳火车站, circuitously Hong Kong border): 7.45am–10pm
From Shenzhen Railway Station: 6.30am–10pm
Duration: 1 hour

Line 5
To Guangming Railway Station (光明火车站): 6.30am-10pm
From Guangming Railway Station: 6.20am-9pm
Duration: 1.5 hours

Line 6
To Dameisha (大梅沙): 6.15am–10pm
From Dameisha: 6am–9pm
Other categorical stops: Bao’an Bus Station (宝安汽车站), Futian Hospital (福田医院), Luohu Gymnasium(罗湖体育馆)
Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes

Line 9
To Huanggang Port (皇岗口岸, a Hong Kong limit crossing): 8am–10pm
From Huanggang Port: 6.30am-9pm
Other categorical stops: Convention and Exhibition Center (会展中心)
Duration: 45 minutes


Shenzhen’s float complement is clean, efficient and services a categorical tools of a city. Line 11, also famous as a Airport Line, passes by dual tools of a airfield and has a final stop in a heart of Shenzhen’s Central Business District.

Location: from a airfield to Futian Station
Duration: 45 mins to executive Shenzhen
Price: RMB7

Line 11

Traveling adult to 120km per hour, Line 11 is pronounced to be a fastest on any Chinese metro. Opened in Jun 2016, Line 11 runs 50 percent faster than a other lines in Shenzhen, with longer distances between stops.

Line 11′s final sight from Futian to Airport North leaves during 11.30pm, while a sight from Airport North leaves around 12am. The outing between Airport North and Futian Station, a line’s eastern terminus, takes about 40 minutes. Note: many of Shenzhen’s metro lines see a final sight during 11pm, definition it might not be possibe to send if we take Line 11 late during night.

Business class carriages are available, with additional space for luggage, nonetheless a business-class float can cost adult to RMB30. Controversy surrounding a business category carriages when they launched, and a pricetag, means very few people select to use them. More space for you!

Standard category rides are 3 times cheaper than business class, nonetheless we will need to face a approaching crowding.

Some stations on Line 11 arrangement moody information, with programmed kiosks in categorical stations permitting we to check into your flight.


There are 3 categorical forms of taxis in Shenzhen. Both red and blue (electric) taxis work via a city, especially adhering to executive areas and costing some-more than immature taxis, that work on a periphery of Shenzhen. Blue taxis are somewhat reduction costly reduction than red, given a RMB1-2 fuel surcharge doesn’t apply.

All 3 forms use a airport. However, a word of warning: while immature taxis are a cheapest, they are also scandalous for scamming business by fraudulent meters or feign bills.

Green taxis might also exclude to take business roving towards executive Shenzhen, as a drivers are not ostensible to work in certain districts.

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When roving to or from a airport, we suggest we take a red or blue taxi. Even then, sojourn courteous to what a motorist is doing and check any vast bills for counterfeits when exiting a taxi. You can also ask for an check (fā piào发票) early in a ride, as it has a printout of a taxi’s information – useful if we forget a phone in a car, or feel a need to news a driver.

Location: follow signage to cab area
Duration: 45 mins or longer depending on traffic
Price: to/from Futian RMB80, to/from Shekou RMB70, to/from Luohu RMB120

Didi or Uber

Until recently, Uber worked with general credit cards. Following a takeover by Chinese aspirant Didi, we are now requried to have a Chinese bank comment to use both services. 

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Didi or Uber generally has improved peculiarity use than taxis, nonetheless app-hailed cars can't accommodate we during a airfield pickup area and coordinating a assembly plcae might be formidable with a denunciation barrier.

Hong Kong International Airport

A renouned choice for people who devise on drifting internationally from Shenzhen. Fewer delays, cheaper flights and improved English-language services make it value a outing into Hong Kong.

Hong Kong MTR (Metro)

Location: cross to MTR stations from Shenzhen’s Futian Checkpoint or Luohu Checkpoint
Duration: about 90 mins to or from airport
Price: about RMB77 (HKD90)

A cheaper choice to get to and from a Hong Kong International Airport is to take a MTR. You can indeed sojourn on open float roving between Hong Kong and Shenzhen, theme to handling times.

Traveling opposite a Futian District limit in Shenzhen, a outing to Hong Kong International Airport takes an estimated 90 mins and costs about HKD90. Note: we will need to change income into Hong Kong dollars to squeeze a metro card. The initial sight on a Hong Kong side leaves during 6.39am and a final sight during 10.55pm.

The Hong Kong supervision provides this outing planner, that includes directions for those regulating a Shenzhen Metro. Please note that a outing planner has not been updated with new Shenzhen metro lines given Jul 2017.

Besides a Futian Checkpoint crossing, there’s another Shenzhen Metro-Hong Kong MTR tie in Luohu District. Both checkpoints need we to pass by limit control. 

Expect crowding during rush hours, that might make a 90-minute tour to a airfield many longer.

Cross-border Coach Services

Location: Hong Kong International Airport Terminal 2, hotels opposite Shenzhen, Huanggang Checkpoint
Duration: 30 mins to/from Hong Kong-Shenzhen Border
Price: around RMB85 (HKD100)

Conveniently located inside Hong Kong International Airport, cross-border manager services generally yield rides during illumination hours. After nearing in a airport, English signage leads to an area with coaches, mostly vans that chair fewer than 10 and leave for Shenzhen once full. 

After observant your end in Shenzhen, companies will strive for your business, with some pulling a plaque on your shoulder to symbol we as a patron before you’ve motionless to pay. Feel giveaway to kindly mislay a plaque if we haven’t motionless yet, and double-check with staff to make certain you’re streamer in a right direction.

If nothing of a companies move we tighten to your end – or to keep a routine elementary – we can get forsaken off during a executive Huanggang Checkpoint and from there float Shenzhen open float or take a cab to your destination.

To Hong Kong International Airport

Private services are accessible to expostulate we directly from your plcae in Shenzhen to a Hong Kong International Airport, nonetheless design to compensate a premium. Hotels will also be means to classify vans to take you; in some cases, we don’t even need to be a hotel guest.

A different, cheaper choice is to simply take a cab or Shenzhen’s metro Line 7 to a Huanggang Checkpoint and get a cross-border outpost to a airfield (about RMB150). You’ll still need to cranky a checkpoint – during one indicate on foot, withdrawal a outpost behind briefly. We suggest we keep your valuables (laptop, passport) with we during all times rather than leave them on a bus.

If we cab to Huanggang Checkpoint, we will be forsaken off directly where a private vans to Hong Kong International Airport wait. Simply observant ‘airport’ will get your luggage installed into a van, that will leave once adequate business have arrived.


Location: Hong Kong International Airport, Sheng Shui (Hong Kong MTR)
Duration: 30 mins depending on traffic
Price: RMB290 (HKD340) to/from Hong Kong-Shenzhen border

If we select to take a cab to or from a Hong Kong International Airport directly to your destination, design to compensate a premium. You will need to switch taxis during a border, as Hong Kong taxis can't enter Shenzhen and clamp versa. A one-way cab float from Hong Kong International Airport to a Shenzhen limit channel is about HKD340.


Location: Hong Kong International Airport, Shenzhen Prince Bay Cruise Homeport 
Duration: 30 minutes
Price: RMB260 from Shenzhen, HKD363 from Hong Kong International Airport
Going to Hong Kong International Airport, there are indeed ferries withdrawal from dual places in Shenzhen, with a Shekou Shenzhen Prince Bay Cruise Homeport by distant a many renouned for removing there.
From a Hong Kong International Airport, ferries use dual locations in Shenzhen, including a Fuyong pier circuitously Bao’an International Airport and a abovementioned one in Shekou. 

[Images from Wikimedia Commons,,, South China Morning]