MusicDish*China Booking Second China Tour For French Jazz Singer Clotilde Rullaud

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(PRWEB) Jul 16, 2014

MusicDish*China announced that it has requisitioned Paris-based Jazz thespian Clotilde Rullaud to OCT Shenzhen and OCT Guangzhou Jazz Festivals this October. Clotilde finished her China entrance this Jun 21st as partial of Beijing Music Day (Fête de la Musique), headlining a categorical outside unison during Dos Kolegas and shutting with a uncover during during a capital’s eminent East Shore Live Jazz Cafe.

Clotilde will be behaving during OCT Guangzhou on Oct 9th and OCT Shenzhen on Oct 12th. MusicDish*China will be engagement additional shows around southern China. MusicDish*China has been representing Clotilde in China given January, building her Chinese amicable media branding on renouned sites such as weibo, douban and youku, total with a media and selling campaign. Her manuscript “In Extremis” has also been digitally distributed in Greater China by MusicDish, including by China’s many active strain site xiami.

OCT Shenzhen is also called OCT-LOFT Jazz Festival. It has been reason annually in OCT-LOFT in Shenzhen given 2011. The festival had been entertainment glorious musicians in opposite languages and colors all over a universe for a final 3 years and it had also concerned many jazz lovers. OCT Guangzhou Jazz Festival will be reason in Fei Livehouse in Redtory, Guangzhou’s Central Art District, for a initial time this year.

French Jazz singer/performer/song-writer, entrance from a new era of French jazz musicians, she went into strain propagandize during a age of 5 and complicated a shriek and singing. Clotilde Rullaud’s artistic proceed stands during a crotch of several low-pitched influences. She blends together Latin, African, cocktail and jazz sounds, attesting to a smashing melting pot that is jazz. Poetry and a middle strain of difference also reason a pivotal place in her artistic world. Clotilde aims above all to plea what can be finished with strain and with a voice in sequence to strech her full expression, evading from customary configurations to demonstrate her adore for freedom.

MusicDish*China serves as a overpass between East West, operative on events featuring award-winning Taiwanese acts in Paris and NYC given 2011 as good as providing distribution/marketing and furloughed tours in China for Western acts. MusicDish*China has partnered with pivotal events, from Midi and Zebra festivals to a Sound of a Xity discussion that, in multiple with a amicable media presence, has given it a singular code positioning in a market. MusicDish*China has sealed Taiwanese acts DJ Code, RED, Bearbabes and mainland stone rope Second Hand Rose for general growth and management. Founder Eric de Fontenay has been quoted in media as different as FT China and China Daily to Portugal’s DIF magazine, and was featured in The Beijingers’ 2012 Music Issue.

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