Review: Living minimally during a new Muji Hotel in Shenzhen

When Muji announced skeleton to open a Muji Hotel in Shenzhen, fans of a code were vehement to see a minimalist cosy cultured put into use in a loyal liberality setting. Walking into a lobby, we get immediately get that sense, with plush carpets, fabric walls, and a occasional string flower ikebana in a area.

I had usually arrived for my stay, with a receptionist explaining, “I have organised for a vessel perspective room for you, we wish we will like it.” we wondered if she meant “a gulf view”, yet nothing was in a closeness of a Upper Hills neighbourhood.

Walking past wispy greens and creeping leaflet placed opposite reclaimed timber walls from normal Chinese homes, we took a lift adult to a 5th building and followed a corridors to my unit. The “ship” incited out to be a wooden fishing boat, commissioned as a matter block in a outrageous yard of a hotel.

As with all of a other taste pieces around a hotel, it done me feel extraordinary though also a small confused.

The room

Photo: Morgan Awyong

I had requisitioned into Room Type A during a Muji Hotel. It was usually during 950 RMB (approx. S$200) while a top tier Room Type E goes for 2,500 RMB (approx. S$520).

The zen ethos of a association represents itself entirely in their pared-down room design. Pale timber floors and fixtures are set out in purify lines, and a fabric-lined walls of a opening open adult to a thespian porous worldly wall a colour of soppy cement.

A demeanour inside Muji’s initial hotel that’s opening in Jan 2018

Muji enthusiasts competence be a small unhappy to find a room usually has a few of their favourite emporium items. There’s an alarm clock, a flashlight, a Naoto Fukasawa wall-mounted CD player, and a customary cups and toiletries, though small else.

That said, one can steal classical equipment from their range, such as their aroma diffuser, atmosphere purifier, iron and ironing board, some-more CDs (in box you’re ever ill of conference a Irish banjo in a background) and mobile chargers.

Perhaps a heavyweight (literally) is a thick Muji book that takes one by a brand’s process.

The facilities

Photo: Morgan Awyong

If we suffer reading, you’ll be blissful that along with a simple gym on a 3rd floor, there’s also Muji Books – a library that’s open for guest and a profitable open to relax in.

Choose from 650 titles curated to enthuse a artistic mind, or take Instagram cinema in a beautiful space. Pinterest fans take note – there are outrageous bundles of baby’s exhale about.

Other than a 79 guest rooms, a devalue includes a 118-seater Muji Diner and of course, Muji Retail – China’s largest during 1,726 block meters over dual levels.

The emporium showcases a brand’s whole inventory, including equipment not accessible in Singapore, like bicycles and a hotel’s in-room physique soap. It also houses a seminar space – since everyone’s cunning these days.


Photo: Morgan Awyong

At Muji Diner hotel guest can suffer a choice of 3 kinds of breakfast each morning – Western, Chinese, or Japanese. There’s also a side smorgasboard of pastries, fruits, miso soup and curry rice to gorge a ravenous.

Locals too, suffer carrying their dishes within Muji’s beautiful taste as well, creation a grill bustling many of a day. The throng usually winds down when a grill becomes a bar in a after hours.

How “Muji” is a hotel?

Photo: Morgan Awyong

While a hotel’s formidable is still undergoing construction work, and internal drivers might have problem anticipating it, a determined will be greeted by double Muji signage during a vast drive-in foyer, and a well-deserved rest sealed off with Muji’s signature “minimalist coziness”.

As a acquire pamphlet proclaims, “At Muji hotel, there are conjunction exorbitantly-priced and remaining services, nor dull guest bedrooms ensuing from a impassioned rebate of quality. We have organised for we both a ideally labelled space in that we will nap well, restoring both mind and body, as good as services that naturally bond we to a locale.”

This essay was initial published on Her World Online