See how most Hong Kong has altered with ancestral photos overlaid on Street View

Compare aged Hong Kong with a benefaction day with this site from HotelClub.

The new site, that was combined by a hotel engagement company, overlays aged images of ancestral Hong Kong onto a streets we know currently in a former British colony.

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Because a cinema are overlaid onto Google Street View images, however, they don’t always accurately line adult with a modern-day images behind them. When they do though, a outcome is flattering cool.



Try it out for yourself:

Historic Hong Kong by HotelClub

The site is identical to other projects like Historypin, that calls for user-submitted photos and tags them to a location. Another crowdsourced plan on Flickr called “Looking into a Past” has people holding adult photos opposite tangible locations in genuine life.

Last year, a Museum of London specifically Photoshopped aged cinema onto travel scenes to mix them some-more smoothly.

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