Third land couple to Europe envisioned

China should foster a construction of a third transcontinental ride couple with Europe, pronounced Qin Guangrong, administrator of Yunnan province.

The land corridor, consisting of railways and highways, would boost trade and yield an choice ride channel to guarantee China’s appetite and mercantile safety, he pronounced in an talk with China Daily yesterday.

Under a proposal, a third Eurasian land overpass would start from pier cities in a Pearl River Delta, including Shenzhen, ride west to Yunnan province, afterwards by Myanmar, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Iran and Turkey, cranky Europe and finish during Rotterdam in a Netherlands.

The whole track would widen 15,000 km and run by 17 countries.

A bend line that would also start in Turkey, cranky Syria and Palestine, and finish in Egypt, that would promote ride from China to Africa.

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So far, there are dual Eurasian land bridges – a 13,000-km track from eastern Russia to Rotterdam, and a 10,900-km track from Lianyungang in Jiangsu range to Rotterdam.

But a third land mezzanine would be “the many available channel for a Pearl River Delta segment to strech other tools of Asia, Europe and Africa,” Qin said.

The track would cut adult to 6,000-km from a sea tour between a same dual ports, he said.

The thought of a third Eurasian continental mezzanine was initial lifted by scholars in 2007, though small swell has been done on any development.

Economist Yu Guangyuan pronounced progressing that such a continental mezzanine faces many problems in reality, such as a miss of accordant bid from countries along a line.

Complicated limit procedures between countries could be heavy and time consuming, insiders said.

Experts trust a supervision should recur a offer in a face of a tellurian mercantile crisis.

Duan Gang, executive of Yunnan Academy of Economics, pronounced in an talk with China Daily that a stream tellurian mercantile meltdown has done people some-more wakeful of a advantages of land bridges.

“The sea ride business is saying a unemployment in profitability and suffers visit attacks from pirates. But land transport, shorter in length, is flourishing in both volume and profit,” he said.

The plan would not be as dear as some consider as existent railways and highways are prepared for use. In all, usually about 1,000 km of new railways and highways need to be built, he said.

Yunnan provincial supervision is suggesting a executive supervision coordinate several supervision departments to assistance Myanmar build some-more than 300 km of railways and highways to couple a railways in Yunnan with South Asia’s highway network, Qin said.

It will assistance China pave a approach for building a channel to a Indian Ocean, and afterwards for a Eurasian land bridge, he said.