Travel Black Book: Electronics sky in Shenzhen

Favourite destination: Shenzhen, China. There is no other place in a universe like it. It is where a infancy of a wiring we use daily are done and where a domicile of record giants, such as Tencent, that is behind messaging app WeChat, and telecommunications association Huawei, are located.

In a space of a generation, Shenzhen remade from a exhausted city to a hardware collateral of a world. People come from all over China and a creation to build a destiny here. You can feel a appetite as we travel a streets and correlate with people.

Since Shenzhen is always evolving, there is something new to see on any trip, either a building or a antecedent of a intelligent device about to be unleashed.

I go there once or twice a year to source electronic tools and try cold new gadgets. We also take students there on training journeys to display them to what is function in a tech world.


Although Shenzhen is some-more good famous as a business and production centre, it offers a startling series of traveller destinations where one can get divided from a discord of a city.

China is famous for a replicas of universe landmarks and European towns that have been built around a country. Window of a World ( is a park where replicas of landmarks such as a Eiffel Tower, pyramids, Taj Mahal and Leaning Tower of Pisa have been combined during ratios of 1:1, 1:5 or 1:15.


  • There are during slightest 3 approach flights a day between Singapore and Shenzhen.

    The city is conveniently located between Hong Kong and Guangzhou. There are several limit crossings where we can seamlessly pierce between Shenzhen and Hong Kong around MTR, train and ferry. The trips take 11/2 to dual hours. There are also trains joining Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

    I customarily go around Hong Kong International Airport (there are during slightest 18 approach flights daily between Singapore and Hong Kong). You can take a train from a airfield to an MTR hire and cranky a limit during Lo Wu/Luohu ( The metro extends all a approach to a corner of a limit on both sides and a sum outing costs about HK$100 (S$16.70).

  • TIPS

    • You need to transparent Chinese immigration even if we are entrance from Hong Kong, so make certain we have a correct visa.

    • Go in open or autumn, when it is somewhat cooler.

    • Stay for a week. The accumulation of activities and vicinity to both Hong Kong and Guangzhou safeguard we will never run out of things to do.

    • Most payments are finished by WeChat’s WePay or Alipay by Chinese firm Alibaba. But since of a series of tourists, many merchants, including eateries and taxis, still accept cash. Try to move smaller denominations.

    • It is cheaper to buy a Chinese SIM card, though if we use a Singapore phone on a roaming plan, a Great Firewall of China will be reduction obtrusive. Still, many chat, hunt and map apps will be blocked, including many by Google and Facebook, so get prepared to use Baidu, China’s hunt engine, and messaging app WeChat . If we accommodate anyone here and wish to stay in touch, we are substantially going to be regulating WeChat.

    • Shenzhen has arguable open transport, though we have not managed to figure it out. It is easy to accost a cab, though if we need to book one around an app, we will need to download Didi Chuxing, a ride-sharing app.

I’m an zealous hiker and inlet partner and, nonetheless my work trips to Shenzhen are mostly spent in a petrify jungle, we like evading to a Xianhu or Fairy Lake Botanical Garden, a pleasing 546ha park with some-more than 8,000 class of plants and vast themed gardens.

Although I’m not a penetrating art lover, a wealth generated in Shenzhen has led to a flourishing seductiveness in art. Art aficionados can check out places such as a OCT Art and Design Gallery (, a former room that is now a showcase of striking design, and He Xiangning Art Museum ( for contemporary art.


Although Shenzhen is located in Guangdong operation and right subsequent to Hong Kong, there are dining options other than Cantonese fare. People have changed from all over China to find their fortunes in Shenzhen, bringing their informal cuisines with them. Restaurants portion sharp Sichuan food are quite popular.

My hunt for halal food has been a singular adventure. The initial time we visited Shenzhen, we did a lot of online investigate for halal restaurants, though since Google and Google Maps are blocked in China, we could find customarily a few references online. And once in a area, anticipating a restaurants was a plea as a travel and grill names were all in Chinese. Now, we find my favourites by memory.

Fortunately, there are a good series of eateries around a wiring production heart in a Huaqiangbei area. There, we also stumbled on many some-more halal restaurants, mostly portion cuisine from Xinjiang, a operation in China’s north-west where tighten to 60 per cent of a race is Muslim.

I detected a few Turkish restaurants too. Many people from a Middle East and Turkey come to Shenzhen to source parts, so these restaurants non-stop to support to them.

Most of a Xinjiang restaurants are identical to one another and we suggest perplexing a beef play noodles and greasy beef buns, that are customarily really good.

Another provide is a Uighur laghman noodles. Laghman roughly translates to la mian or anathema mian in Mandarin, though this plate is flattering opposite from a la mian Singaporeans know. The noodles are hand-pulled and ambience really fresh, with a good buoyant texture. A thick, tasty gas or meal done with belligerent lamb meat, herbs, potato, tomato, onion and peppers is ladled over a thick noodles.

Most of a Xinjiang restaurants I’ve come opposite are good. Otherwise, we can ask for directions to Zhong Fa Yuan Muslim Restaurant, a sequence with locations around a city.

If we like Turkish cuisine, we can get informed favourites such as kebabs, shawarma, baba ghanoush and divert pudding during places such as Mevlana Turkish restaurant, that is conveniently located in Huaqiangbei.

At a cheaper places, a food object costs roughly between 15 and 25 yuan (S$3 and S$5).


Maker Faire Shenzhen ( is a largest builder faire in Asia and among a 4 largest ones in a world. A builder faire is partial convention, partial market, where booths showcase dumb DIY inventions, interactive artwork, lots of robots and tons of new and sparkling electronic gadgets. The faire takes place each year during Oct or Nov and there’s always something new to see. The creation and skill of a exhibitors blow my mind each time.

Less than an hour’s expostulate easterly of a city, Dameisha Beach is a scenic and astonishing getaway from a city, with a long, sandy beach and scenic towering views. You can swim, float horses and take dune cart rides as good as attend stone concerts there in a summer.


The best place to emporium is really Huaqiangbei, that is like a Orchard Road of Shenzhen, though for wiring instead of fashion. It is a famous wiring marketplace that sprawls over several buildings and it will exam even a many seasoned shoppers and bargain-hunters.

Sellers organisation together, so you’ll find a building of vendors offered LED strips, another building with vendors offered confidence cameras, and nonetheless another building offered SD cards, for example. Sellers will generally tell we what is genuine and fake.

People have built an iPhone shopping particular tools from a market. It is also an ideal place to collect adult geeky gifts such as a programmable LED name badge or a cheap, presumably too cheap, mini drone.

It’s a bit some-more formidable and, during times, untimely for a non-Mandarin vocalization chairman like me to get around and buy things here, though one can customarily get by with a lot of hand-waving, indicating and sketching.

To find your approach around, we suggest removing The Essential Guide To Electronics In Shenzhen by Andrew ‘Bunnie’ Huang, an American researcher and hacker. The book provides tips, directions and helps non-Mandarin speakers make their approach around a market.


I stay during a simple though good Shanshui Trends Hotel Shenzhen Huaqiangbei ( since it is a stone’s chuck divided from a Huaqiangbei markets.

However, Shenzhen has a full operation of accommodation options – from hostels for backpackers to five-star hotels.