What’s in a Muji hotel? Impressions from a Shenzhen bend | The Peak Singapore – Your Guide to The Finer Things in Life

When Muji announced skeleton to open an eponymous hotel in Shenzhen, fans of a code were fervent to see a minimalist friendly cultured put into use in a loyal liberality setting.

  • The room3

    I’ve requisitioned into a Room Type A during a Muji Hotel. A night’s stay here is labelled during 950 RMB (approx. SGD$200) while a top tier, Room Type E, will set one behind 2,500 RMB (approx. SGD$520).

    The zen ethos of a association manifests entirely in a pared-down room. Pale timber floors and fixtures are set out in purify lines, and a fabric-lined walls of a opening area drain into dramatic, porous worldly walls a colour of soppy cement.

  • Furnishings

    Muji enthusiasts competence be a small unhappy to learn usually a few Muji sell favourites benefaction in a room. There’s an alarm clock, flashlight, a Naoto Fukasawa wall-mounted CD player, and customary cups and toiletries, though small else.

    That said, one can steal classical equipment from their range, such as a aroma diffuser, atmosphere purifier, ironing set, some-more CDs (in box we ever tire of continuous Irish banjo) and mobile chargers. Consider perusing a thick Muji book that takes one by a brand’s pattern process.

  • Dining

    At Muji Diner, hotel guest can select between 3 breakfast cuisines – Western, Chinese, or Japanese. There’s also a side smorgasboard of pastries, fruits, miso soup and curry rice to gorge a ravenous.

    Do note that locals are drawn to dining amidst a restaurant’s beautiful taste as well, so it’s bustling for many of a day. The throng usually abates when a grill translates into a bar in a evenings.

  • The Muji promise

    The hotel formidable is still undergoing construction, and internal drivers might have problem anticipating it, though a determined will be greeted by a iconic Muji signage during a vast drive-in foyer.

    The acquire pamphlet proclaims, “At Muji hotel, there are conjunction exorbitantly-priced and remaining services, nor dull guest bedrooms ensuing from a impassioned rebate of quality. We have organised for we both a ideally labelled space in that we will nap well, restoring both mind and body, as good as services that naturally bond we to a locale.”

PHOTOS: Morgan Awyong Muji.