‘Zero-fee’ tours on a rise, again

Hong Kong is being touted as a “shoppers paradise” by purveyors of bootleg zero-fee tours, as Shenzhen prepares for thousands of visitors to this year’s World University Games.

Fraudulent advertisements already had popped up. Four Shenzhen transport agencies have been charged with organizing bootleg tours for mainland visitors to Hong Kong.

Each association was fined 100,000 yuan and systematic to postpone operations for dual months. But tens of thousands of yuan have already been mislaid by victims who requisitioned a bootleg tours, a Shenzhen supervision suggested during a Thursday media conference.

“Illegal cross-border tourism activities have been there for a prolonged time, nonetheless a university games, that would attract countless visitors to Shenzhen, and serve to Hong Kong, had evoked a glow of a devil,” pronounced Yi Nengquan, executive of a Shenzhen Sports and Tourism Bureau.

In a past few months a spate of complaints has endangered bootleg tours or income fraud, pronounced Yi.

The Shenzhen Strait International Travel Agency, Shenzhen Jiangnan Travel Agency Limited, Shenzhen Luya Conference and Exhibition Planning Limited had been close down by internal military after being held for fraud. Authorities pronounced a companies charged income for outbound tours to Hong Kong while in fact no such tours existed.

Shenzhen Pengyun International Travel Agency Limited was found charging an additional 700 yuan for any traveller from Hong Kong transport agencies, underneath a name of a “zero-fee tour”. It was approaching that any such tours that came off would finish in supposed coerced shopping.

The Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong pronounced it had also beheld what it suspected to be bootleg activities among Hong Kong debate guides recently.

The legislature beheld that some debate guides have directly organised tour-guiding and send services for inbound tours orderly by mainland debate operators, instead of around purebred Hong Kong transport agencies.

Given a care that handling licenses of such mainland transport operators can't be verified, consequently, such debate guides are also suspected of carrying disregarded a Travel Agents Ordinance. The legislature has referred a cases to a Travel Agents Registry for follow-up actions.

The Shenzhen supervision says it is closely examination a emanate and would cruise a corner moment down on bootleg tours if necessary.

The 26th Summer Universiad 2011 takes place in Shenzhen from Aug 12 to 23.